Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

opusculum: minor literary or artistic work

I started writing my first blog, My Days in Doha, in August 2017, when I moved to Doha, Qatar. Initially, I focused on detailing my day-to-day life so that my friends and family back home would know how I was getting on, but slowly over time, the blog began to include other topics (travel, teaching, creative writing, and photography) representing my wandering interests. As the number of posts steadily grew, so did my need for a more customizable blog and website. Thus, I sought out a new home for my creative endeavors, and that’s how Opusculum was born — my blogging home for the foreseeable future.

Me? I grew up in the Upper Midwest of the USA, where I lived for 40 years. I have two adult sons and have spent most of my professional life teaching and working in higher education. Now, I am an expat living and working in Doha, Qatar. My passions include teaching, traveling, writing, and taking pictures — hence the need for this blog.

My two sons, my mother, and I at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario