Everything’s Fine – The Complete Poetry Sequence

Initially, I was just looking for a writing genre for my experimentation. Then my investigation quickly morphed into a personal project to write a poetry sequence. I don't know why. Maybe pent up creative energy.

Friday, October 16 @ 12:47pm

Three weeks to US election. Ugh, politics. Hate arguing politics. Hate discussing politics, even with people I agree with. Possible seismic political shift. I hope a tectonic plate rises in the air and breaks the country in half and one chunk falls into the ocean. The survivors can then gather at the fault line and… Continue reading Friday, October 16 @ 12:47pm

Two Birds and One Palinode

Go bravelyaround the world like a bird that charts its own migratory path, sailing on undiscovered winds,roosting on its whims Be wary of the worldWorry about dropletsthat take flight on breath— migrating from you to me, him to her, them to usStay in your nest! Confront injustice:stand by those being attackedBirds of a feathermust fight the predatorsthat wish to consume weak… Continue reading Two Birds and One Palinode

Make No Plans

If the year has taught me one thing, it is make no plans. For, truthfully, what am I?Just a human looking to satisfy norms from an old world during this crisis. Before, I wouldn’t give a second thoughtto gathering with a group of my friends.Now, I see this through a different lensand avoid possible viral hotspots. A… Continue reading Make No Plans