CLASSIFIED: Guidance for Chthonic Country Travelers

In our travel information, we warn travelers when visiting the Chthonic Country both because of the preternatural spacetime conditions and because we are limited in our ability to provide consular services in this place.

Zoe with Two E’s

Here is Chapter 11 for my attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy. The next day Collin and Zoe exchanged text messages. They also friended each other on Facebook. Collin resisted the urge to Facebook stalk her too deeply. He looked through some of her recent pictures and then stopped when he encountered pictures of… Continue reading Zoe with Two E’s

Christmas Break with the Boys

This is Chapter 9 for my attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy! After his trip to Chicago, Collin would have his sons during the entirety of their Christmas holiday. They would open presents at his mom’s house first in La Crosse. Then they would drive up north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and… Continue reading Christmas Break with the Boys

A Dragon and an Eagle

Chapter 8 for my attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy! Collin and his friend from college David were sitting in a Chicago dive bar. Hank William III—not his grandfather Hank William—was playing on the jukebox. The bar was dark and old looking, its décor had not been updated since the 1970s, but the staff… Continue reading A Dragon and an Eagle

Saturday Morning

Chapter 7 for National Novel Writing Month. Feel free to comment below. It was Saturday morning early November. The wind was hollering outside of the windows at Raf’s house. Most of the vegetation was brown and dead outside. Leaves had fallen from all of the trees. The bluffs alongside Wanetta had lost their green covering… Continue reading Saturday Morning