Expat October in Doha

Oh hot October morning sun,We wait for thy fever to fall;To-morrow's winds, if they ever come,Will be welcomed by all.The pigeons in the towers calland bide time until to-morrow.Oh hot October morning sun,your heat makes all creatures slow,robbing us of our energy like a thief.All hearts hope for summer to be done,for an end to… Continue reading Expat October in Doha

What One Measures

What does one measure during one’s life? calories consumed, muscles massed, fat burnedminutes meditated, breaths taken, moments without thought classes attended, degrees earned, loan payments one has left to makehours clocked in, promotions earned, years left until one retires steps taken, miles logged, points accumulatedFacebook posts, Instagram likes, Twitter arguments books read, movies watched, concerts… Continue reading What One Measures

Subject: Cell Phone Safety Tips (A Sedoka)

do you watch your step when using a cell phone ortexting while you are walking?  your enchanting voicesteals my attention and veilspitfalls from my starry eyes.  when we talk, do youswitch your phone to speaker mode or employ a hand-free kit? i imagine you in my arms as we slow danceto a song that you whisper. do you… Continue reading Subject: Cell Phone Safety Tips (A Sedoka)

10 Examples of the Future Perfect Continuous

The future perfect continuous, also sometimes called the future perfect progressive, is a verb tense that describes actions that will continue up until a point in the future. The future perfect continuous consists of will + have + been + the verb’s present participle (verb root + -ing).Grammarly, "Future Perfect Continuous" By the time you… Continue reading 10 Examples of the Future Perfect Continuous

“As I Was Riding the Escalator”

at Lagoona Mall, I thought I saw you.I was calmly resting against the rail inured to care in the daze of retail.Then a slender black skirt came into view,climbing the stairs, hurrying to get through.My eyes followed the advancing femalewhen her head turned, and a face stern and paleglanced at me like somebody she once knew...… Continue reading “As I Was Riding the Escalator”

“Silver Knights and the Search for the Lost Orb”: A Krendiri Battle Poem

At the entrance of the fallen obelisk,the Silver Knights were under siege:an electric cloud creature had wandered inshocking the party with its tentacle attacks.Fire, slash, shoot, whack, stab, hack—the party valiantly chipped away at the awesome armor of the floating foe.Elre summoned his magical stallionand challenged the monster by chargingwhile Adoril cast a spell to deliver… Continue reading “Silver Knights and the Search for the Lost Orb”: A Krendiri Battle Poem

The Unceasing Horizon

Who wept on the breast of the other?Only the wet shirt knows the answer Abboud al Jabiri "At the Door of a Lonely Heart" One of the first things to gowas the belief that my sons would always sleep underneath the same roof as me—the divorce dashed me of that delusion. After my weekends with them,as… Continue reading The Unceasing Horizon